Friday, June 15, 2007

Space, The Final Frontier

European aerospace corporation EADS has joined the space tourism party alongside Virgin Galactic. The estimated cost for a stunning view of Terra and a few minutes of weightlessness? Around $250,000 from EADS and $200,000 from VG. VG anticipates starting in 2009, while EADS is scheduling their operation for 2012. VG definitely has the early advantage, but I imagine there are enough rich people willing to go into space for both players to be successful in this niche market. And I encourage all these rich people to go out there and make it a success, so that in a few decades or so the price may come down to something viable for those below the top 1% of income earners. I for one hope it will become more accessible during my lifetime, and I will be willing to put down a sizable amount of moolah to get as far away from this godforsaken rock as possible, if only for a few minutes before I fall back down.

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