Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Season 3 of Lost Ends Spectacularly!

Whoa! The fantastic third season of Lost, which I've just finished watching, ends with one of the best season ending cliffhangers I've ever seen. I had a few complaints about the second season, but this season is quite a bit stronger, with the last half in particular being absolutely riveting. A lot of things are explained, other things are hinted at, and in typical Lost fashion, a whole new boatload of questions are raised. The show-runners claim to have the story all laid out now and will be doling it out over another 48 episodes (3 seasons of 16 episodes each), and based on how things are starting to come together I don't doubt their claims.

Surprisingly, despite my skepticism about the writers' ability to keep the flashbacks interesting, they managed to do so with aplomb. The introduction of two major new and compelling characters helped. The final episode saw the departure of one of my favourite characters in moving and heroic fashion. The episode also hints at all kinds of possibilities, with a potential new structure for the show and a new story thread that one couldn't possibly have seen coming. It's going to be a long wait till early 2008, that's for sure... More detailed thoughts on this season to come later...

Also, who the hell was in that bloody coffin???

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