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Scrubs - Season 3 (2003-2004)

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Scrubs - Season 3 (2003-2004)

I hoped that Season 3 of Scrubs would maintain the show's healthy average, and am glad to report that, despite my initial skepticism, it does. Yeah it's formulaic, and yeah, it seems to repeat certain storylines again and again, like the whole JD - Eliot romance, but it manages to account for that as a natural extension of the character's personalities while making fun of it at the same time. The sentimentality is a little toned down from before, which is a plus, but this is countered by the fact that the mean spiritedness of the Janitor and Dr. Kelso have also been lowered a notch or two. Dr. Cox is still the same snide bastard, but he has always had his sentimental moments and this season is no different. Kelso seems to have fewer opportunities to torment people, and the janitor has his own set of problems now that are quite entertaining and a reasonable progression for what started out as a one note character. It's just a shame that the aura of supernatural invincibility he once had has diminished (truth be told, I think this was a good move all in all - remembering Tim Allen's one note gimmick neighbour from Home Improvement I realize that that sort of thing becomes grating very quickly. That being said, the Janitor is about a billion times cooler than the creepy guy who always hides his face).

The key stories this season are Turk and Carla's impending wedding, J.D.'s lusting after Eliot when she gets involved with an old flame, and Dr. Cox and his wife trying to make their relationship and parenting work. It's good stuff, and the characters feel familiar but not overly familiar. They'll have to come up with some new material to mine for the next seasons though, and hopefully take the existing storylines into new territory. The freshness of the first two seasons has definitely worn off, but the weirdness and humour are still at the same level. Familiar, but still very funny. One major downside, the presence of the hideously skanky and untalented Tara Reid; seriously guys, you need to do a better job with your casting. That aside, looking forward to Season 4!

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