Sunday, April 27, 2008

A dog that's not for life

Holy shit. There's a dog rental service. I'm not sure why I'm surprised to be honest, but somehow the fact that this is really real is just... too much! Yes folks, you can rent dogs for walking and absolve yourself of all the real fun and responsiblity of having a canine companion in the first place! What possible satisfaction can one get out of this? Isn't this like dog prostitution or something?

Most hilarious is the woman who cycles through dogs depending on the occasion, probably in the same manner in which she cycles through shoes. Yet another stark reminder that there are sad sacks in the world desperately in need of a clue. I mean seriously, renting animal companionship to fill some kind of void in your pathetic life or as a status symbol? WTF?

What next, rent a baby? ...For all I know, it's already here.


Darwin said...

There is a sad increase of pets being abandoned by owners and having to be rescued by the RSPCA too. Some of the reasons I've heard are incredibly stupid, ranging from how the cat didn't match the carpet to how the dog wagging his tail against the owners leg was a pain. Yes really.

The rent-a-pet idea seems slightly less abhorrent as there is no neglect or abuse (but only slightly!). I wish people would have to go through background checks and get licenses before they're allowed to have pets - it's only fair, it works for adopting babies!

Antimatter said...

That sounds retarded! Consumerism is ugly enough when it comes to products, but extending this mentality to animals is asinine. A background check seems only fair! :)

Rent a pet seems better, but really what would these people know about taking care of their temporary pet? We all know how people look after borrowed 'items', after all! Many of the comments in that article point out that people can already look after animals for free, but I guess mangy mutts wouldn't be glamarous enough for the bourgeois!

Miedy said...

I heard about it and it remind me of the ad that I read on Craigslist, about a woman who is looking for best friend and willing to pay anyone who fit the criteria. I know it's not really related but I can't help for not mentioning it.

Antimatter said...

I'm not surprised, but that is just... sad.