Monday, September 25, 2006


German 'filmmaker' Uwe Boll has apparently taken to hitting his critics. I've never seen a Boll film, but most reputable (and disreputable) sources claim that he is easily amongst the worst filmmakers working today, if not THE worst. This is the man responsible for House of the Dead, Alone in the Dark, and Bloodrayne, all of which are in the hallowed halls of the IMDB bottom 100.

As the BBC article states, Boll got the better of his critics in the ring after he challenged them to a boxing match. Apparently, his pugilistic skills are a tad better than his auteurist skills. Yeah, I know I shouldn't judge him before watching his films and that it's easier to hate things than to like them bla bla bla, but come on, films like Dungeons and Dragons, Wing Commander, and Battlefield Earth really are as bad as people describe, so there's no reason to expect any better from Boll's universally derided efforts.

I have to admit though, some of his interviews are a riot, quite possibly more entertaining than his movies!

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