Friday, May 25, 2007

Trailers - The Golden Compass & Transformers

Two trailers released recently... One for 'The Golden Compass' and the other for 'Transformers'. Both can be found via the excellent 'Dave's Trailer Page' site. And probably on YouTube as well.

I said earlier that 'The Golden Compass' was looking good, and it still is. The cast, which I thought looked strong on paper, seems just about spot on in this first trailer. The biggest question mark was the girl playing the protagonist Lyra, Dakota Blue Richards, and the trailer doesn't attempt to hide her because she actually seems quite good in those few snippets. She's got that somewhat cocky air of self confidence about her that seems just right. Visually it looks great, lush and spectacular, though there isn't anything really mind blowing and the CGI animals look a bit iffy. The negatives include the stilted way the lines are coming across, but given that this is a trailer and everything's out of context (and likely to be re-recorded later), I'm going to give them the benefit of the doubt. The trailer itself isn't very good - poorly edited and with uninspiring music - but the film looks promising.

I've got to admit, 'Transformers' is starting to look pretty cool. It seems nothing like the original cartoon, which is a good thing, because a) I'm sure it wasn't very good and b) that stuff wouldn't work in live action if adapted literally. The Michael Bay movie is looking like an all out robot alien invasion action fest, and I'm digging it. The effects look pretty cool so far, and I wish those pesky humans would get out of the frame so I could better witness the metallic carnage. Major concern - they haven't had any of the Transformers talk yet, and I wonder if the whole thing will fall apart the moment one of them speaks. Or maybe they haven't recorded the voices yet. In any case, I can't wait. At the least, it'll be something new on a visual level.

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