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Curb Your Enthusiasm - Season 2 (2001)

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Curb Your Enthusiasm - Season 2 (2001)

I thought the first season of 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' was terrific, but this second season manages to be - quite improbably - even funnier. I can't really think of anything significant to add to what I've already said about the show. The writing is brilliant, with tightly plotted, layered stories that seem to pay off every setup in unexpected and hilarious ways. And what setups! Each episode is typically 30 minutes long and they cram a lot of good stuff in there. The hit to miss ratio of the jokes is very, very good.

My earlier complaint about how events felt a little random still applies but to be honest it's just a stylistic choice and, given how the randomness allows the show to segue from one insane scenario to another in which Larry squirms uncomfortably, it's a hard choice to criticize. Plus, there is now a story arc of sorts in this season as well - an element that was absent in the first - about Larry's attempts to start a new comedy series with one of the actors from Seinfeld.

It may be a tad predictable at times but most of the scenes play out so well and are often so unexpectedly capricious you hardly notice. Larry David is amazing as... Larry David, and it must be said that Cheryl Hines as his wife and Jeff Garlin as his agent provide brilliant support, particularly Hines as Larry's improbably tolerant (of him, that is), eternally humiliated companion who somehow manages to convince the viewer that she's not insane for being married to him.

All in all, brilliant and a must see! HBO has a virtually flawless track record for me thus far - ignoring the fact that they keep cancelling shows, but hey, at least they made brilliant shows to lament in the first place! Fortunately 'Curb' wasn't one of those that met the axe, and there are another 4 seasons for me to catch up with.

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