Tuesday, January 15, 2008

CES Wrapup

The Consumer Electronics Show ended a few days ago and the BBC has a wrapup of the best gadgets that were on display. I have to say, if that's the best of the bunch, it looks like it was a fairly unimpressive show this year. OK maybe the BBC aren't exactly the vanguard of tech news, but I haven't seen anything all that exciting on tech savvy sites either - I haven't been following the news all that closely, but big news has a way of grabbing your attention.

Out of this bunch, wireless HDTV connections look interesting but nowhere near as cool as the possibility of wireless power; the force feedback video game vest and the 'real' air guitar look like fun; most interesting is the ASUS Eee PC, which has been out for a while now and whose success is an indicator that more basic, robust, low power laptops are a viable market. In less than a couple of years I'd imagine every computer manufacturer is going to be in on the act in a big way with similar offerings and prices will fall, by which point even I might bite the bullet and get a so called 'subnotebook' (and maybe even be able to afford one without having to sell off a vital organ!).

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