Thursday, January 17, 2008

Fight the Future - Part 2

(Image from USA Today)

USA Today has a promotional photo from the forthcoming X-Files movie, which IMDB has unceremoniously dubbed 'Untitled X-Files Sequel', that is being released a decade after the first film came out! After watching the final episode of the series all those years ago - an episode I can only describe as 'very, very poor' - I never imagined that I'd look forward to more X-Files. But here I am jonesing for the 'Untitled X-Files Sequel', which promises to be a standalone without any of that conspiracy bollocks that became more convoluted than a bowl full of noodles and chilli sauce. The standalones were the ones that made the show one of my favourites back in the day.

Yeah, the picture isn't particularly exciting, but it's Mulder and Scully, back in action again! Scully clearly still knows how to look hot in men's clothes, while Mulder looks like he's trying to convince his partner to believe one of his wacky (and invariably correct) theories while wearing a coat that looks like it was stolen from a hobo. Unless Mulder is a hobo now?

The movie comes out in July and in addition to David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson it also stars Amanda Peet, Xzibit (huh?), and Billy Connolly (wtf?). The truth is out there!


Darwin said...

Yay! I heard about this somewhere else too, and I'm quite looking forward to it. The alien conspiracy theories pissed me off in the TV series which is why I stopped watching it, but the standalone episodes were mindblowingly awesome to the point where I even went out and bought all the books (X-Files book of the unexplained volumes 1 and 2 in addition to the books about each individual episode with the classics such as Squeeze and Ghost in the machine). So a whole full length movie like that, with Mulder and Scully back together?! Awesome!

Yes I do realise this reveals what a geek I am.

Antimatter said...

I'm guessing you didn't stick around long enough to see the episode involving numerology, where Burt Reynolds played God. ;)

You bought all the books? That's hardcore. Heh, I always wanted to get 'em back when they first came out, and tried to get the 'Unexplained' books from the library but they were always out. I ended up getting Vol 1 as a gift though - it made for a fun, if light read.

Damn, I love 'Squeeze', that's teh first ever episode that I saw; it got me hooked! I always felt sorry for Tooms, what with his grisly demise by way of escalator. Ghost in the Machine, not so much (the AI gone bad thing has been done much better numerous times IMHO).

Sachin G. said...

I was really put off by how the show used to go on extended breaks during the season, starting later and later after the World Series, then taking long a break and showing re-runs before rushing with a few episodes in April or so. I started to lose interest fast. I am not sure if I can get excited about the film just yet.

Billy Connolly? Well I can see his character with puffed up white hair whispering to Mulder about some conspiracy in a darkened alley or an under-lit parking lot :) I hope he is not there for some comic relief.

Antimatter said...

I'm loving the idea of the X-Files coming back... will have to wait and see what kind of vibe the trailers give when they come out and whether they'll dampen my enthusiasm. In any case, the lack of a conspiracy storyline is a huge plus already.

Haha, you're probably right about Connolloy; I hope you're right! Though I wonder if I'll be able to take the guy seriously, he's just too funny! :D